Wine Bottle Capsules For Great Protection

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Wine

Your wine bottle capsules really make your product look great. By coordinating the label with the capsule or using a customized capsule, you can really set your wine apart from the competition on the shelves. However, wine capsules provide an even more important element to your product. These protect your product from tampering.

Many wine and spirit makers are particularly concerned about this feature of the product. For those business owners, wine bottle heat shrink capsules hold a lot of appeal. These capsules shrink tightly to the bottle, ensuring the best protection from product tampering.

Wine bottle heat shrink capsules offer superior protection, but these won’t increase your budget in providing this protection. This is a particularly cost-effective product and one that is easy to apply.

Using heat, the capsule shrinks exactly to the bottle quickly so that it won’t hold up your assembly line process. You’re assured that your product gets off to market just as quickly as with other types of capsules.

Wine bottle heat shrink capsules come in a wide variety of colors, so you won’t have to give up the look you want when choosing this product. You can easily find colors to coordinate well with your label and ensure that your product doesn’t lose its aesthetic appeal.

Talk with your vendor about adding wine bottle heat shrink capsules to your product packaging. Your vendor can show you all the options so that you can choose the one that works best with your bottle, your label, and your overall marketing strategy.

If your company is interested in superior protection for your wine and spirit products, look no further than wine bottle heat shrink capsules. This is one product that provides all the protection you need without sacrificing the look you desire.

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