What Are the Benefits of a Senior Companion Program?

The feeling of loneliness and isolation when living alone can seriously impact the physical and mental health of older adults. Studies have shown that there are many benefits to being socially connected, including increased chances of heart attack survival, reduced risk of cancer recurrence, and slower memory decline, as well as better resistance to the common cold. Fortunately, there are programs you can join that provide assistance and companionship to seniors. You can join a Senior Companion Program near your home in Salisbury, MD and, if you are 55 years old and above, they will pair you with a volunteer for companionship. Since the age difference is not that significant, it’s not impossible to develop a lasting friendship with your volunteer. This program does not just benefit the participants, but also the volunteers.

Benefits for Participants

By joining this program, you’ll get many benefits. For starters, the program can help you socialize more. In a recent survey, it was revealed that participants feel less lonely after joining the program. They are also able to do more of the things they need to accomplish and eat regularly at scheduled meals while staying in the comforts of their own home. Generally, they are able to lead a happier life as a result of the program.

Benefits for Volunteers

Volunteering as a senior companion is a rewarding activity. Being able to extend help to anyone is already a reward in itself. There is a sense of fulfillment you get when you know that you were able to provide assistance to someone in need. The program also helps to get volunteers out of their homes and keeps them active and moving to improve their health.

If you wish to participate in this program, Capital City Nurses will be able to pair you with a dedicated volunteer. To contact them, you can give them a call at 866-807-7307 or fax them at 877-687-7395. Their main office is at 8401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 1020 Chevy Chase, MD 20815 or you can click here to see a complete list of their locations.

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