What Can You Expect From Your Appointment With the Audiologist in Norwich CT?

Many people feel uncertain when it comes time for them to meet with an Audiologist in Norwich CT. If an individual has never been through one of these appointments, they likely will not know what to expect which can make them more nervous. It is important patients learn all they can about the services provided by the Audiologist in Norwich CT so they can be properly prepared for their appointment.

An audiologist is a trained professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and properly manages hearing issues in patients of all ages. They also diagnose and treat conditions such as tinnitus and balance issues. These medical professionals use a variety of testing procedures so they can determine the degree of hearing loss a patient is suffering from.

At the first appointment with the Audiologist in Norwich CT will allow the audiologist to begin gathering information for the patient’s case history. They will ask the patient to fill out a health history questionnaire and ask them questions about their hearing loss or condition. Once the audiologist has gathered the necessary information, they will begin a battery of testing to determine the diagnosis.

These tests will likely be performed by the audiologist:

  • Tympanometry measures the function of the middle ear and how it responds. This test will help an audiologist to see how the eardrum responds to light pressure. If no movement is detected, fluid or infection could be present which can both cause hearing loss.
  • Otoscopy examines the inside of the ear, checking for any signs of infection, ear wax buildup, and fluid. The audiologist will want to make sure the structures of the ear are all normal and not being impeded by any issues.
  • Audiometry features two types of tests for air and bone conduction. These tests help determine the degree of hearing loss a patient is dealing with so the right treatment plan can be put into place.

If you are suffering from hearing loss, ringing ears, or balance problems, it is imperative you seek the help of an audiologist right away. Schedule an appointment by calling the office today so you can start the process.