What Do Pediatric Dentists In Kingston WA Do?

When parents are seeking dental care for their young children, many are choosing pediatric dentists who specialize in treating children. While most dental practices accept patients of all ages, pediatric dentists gear all of their services toward the needs of children. The following are some of the unique characteristics of Pediatric Dentists in Kingston Wa.

Specialized Education

Pediatric dentists must complete four years of dental school after graduating from college. Then, they spend the next two to three years in a residency program focused on the care of young children and teenagers. Additional training includes courses in child development, child psychology, and special needs populations.

Child-Friendly Offices

Dentists who care for young patients typically have waiting rooms and examining rooms designed to make children feel at ease. The waiting room is likely to be well stocked with toys, games, movies, and other distractions to make waiting time pass quickly. In addition, pediatric dentists use child-size furniture and equipment that make small patients feel more comfortable.

Focus On Prevention

Of course, all dentists try to encourage good dental hygiene to prevent cavities and other problems. Pediatric dentists, however, have been specifically trained to help young children and their parents prevent tooth decay long before it ever begins. Pediatric dentists work closely with parents and advise them on the best diet and dental hygiene products for their child’s individual needs.

Familiarity With Special Needs

There are many conditions that can make dental care more challenging for children. As part of their professional training, pediatric dentists learn how to treat children with special needs, such as autism, Down Syndrome, or a cleft palate. Whether children are coping with physical, cognitive, or behavioral challenges, they need a dentist who can treat them with patience, compassion, and proven strategies for overcoming those challenges.

Early Orthodontic Assessment

Pediatric dentists are aware of bite and alignment issues very early on. In some cases, dentists can provide orthodontic treatments or therapies to their young patients. If children need more complex treatment, a pediatrician can refer them to an orthodontist for a consultation. Pediatric Dentists in Kingston Wa work closely with local orthodontists to make sure children get timely and appropriate orthodontic care.