Increasing Design Efficiency With Outsourced Engineering Design Services

Startup companies and small to medium sized OEMs often do not have a dedicated engineering and design team in-house. They may contact with a range of different consultants and experts in different aspects of the product or device development.

This can be costly, and there is always a concern about protecting the information on the new product or device. This is especially concerning in products with extended time to market, including medical devices, aerospace components, telecom applications, and components for new technology in any type of market sector.

One option that is cost-effective for any company is to use outsourced engineering design services. When these services are tied to contract manufacturing companies, the OEM has a natural advantage. Once the design is completed, the contract manufacturer can move into prototyping, and then production, all within the same organization.

Increased Speed to Market

Selecting engineering design services with a proven history of past projects in your industry is essential, particularly in highly specialized and regulated types of industries. When the company offering the engineering and design has the working knowledge of regulations, requirements, verification steps, and other relevant aspects of the process, they can shorten the design phase and avoid costly delays.

With any type of product, part or component that requires approval from the FDA or other agency, streamlining the process leading up to the approval is going to offer a benefit.

Design and Material Selection

In addition to providing engineering design services, these professionals can also address issues with the best material selection and in creating the design that adds durability and decreases the cost of production. This can be done while still maintaining any required standards or compliance based on the specifics of the industry.

Tapping into experienced engineering and design services allows the OEM to outsource what is needed, manage the budget, control the speed of the design stage, and to maximize the potential in the new device or product.