No single invention is synonymous with the modern era than the internet. The internet has given the average person unfettered access to all human knowledge ever collected, employs a larger and larger portion of the population every year, and has connected the entire globe through communication and media. Many people who use the internet every day, however, have no idea how the internet they seamlessly navigate came to be. Just like a real world city grows up and builds upon itself over time, so has the internet, and just as every single building has, at some point in time, been a construction project with a team of workers on it, so has every single website on the entire internet has once been the project of a web developer.

What Web Developers Do

A building in the real world isn’t all made with one sort of expertise. It requires one set of knowledge to lay foundation, another to erect a structure atop that, another to do all of the electrical wiring, etc. In the same manner, building a website involves working on three different aspects of the website: client-side scripting, server-side scripting, and the database. Because of this, most sites have been developed by web development companies with departments focusing on each task separately, rather than individuals programming all three sections.


The database is where the website is, so to speak. It is the foundation upon which the website is built, and as such, needs to be well managed. Text files, images, videos, all of the information that makes up the site is stored in the database.

Server-side scripting

Server-side scripting runs the back-end architecture and connects the database with the user’s computer. It runs remotely on a server, which can be anywhere in the world. This is where data is organized and analyzed to accurately provide the user with the information they are trying to access. Since it is on the back-end, this sort of scripting is much more secure, as the users don’t have any access to it.

Client-Side Scripting

Client-side scripting runs on the browser itself, handling the direct communications with the user, which is what allows websites to be as interactive as they are. The better the client-side scripting, the less stress is put on the server, because the more that’s being run on the browser, the less the server needs to be consulted. Html and CSS are the building blocks of any site; html organizes how the site is laid out and CSS defines the graphical presentation of the site. JavaScript is the most common direct connection with the user, interacting directly between html/CSS and the user to make the most interactive experience possible.

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