Upgrading To LED Fixtures

Many businesses and commercial buildings are still using an older type of lighting options outside, which can even include the old mercury vapor light fixtures. Not only do these lights produce a limited light output, but they are very costly to operate and highly inefficiently.

These old outdoor lights can be fully upgraded to new LED fixtures. With easy installation, very low maintenance requirements and the ability to choose different lumens and light colors, everyone will notice a difference in the light quality once the upgrade is complete.

Greater Light Output

Depending on the style and type of LED fixtures, they can offer brighter, cool white or neutral white lighting solutions. In general, the cooler the color temperature, the lower the number of lumens and the softer the lighting look will be.

However, even with the neutral white color temperature, these lights will replace the larger watt fixtures that were costly to maintain and not at all energy efficient. These lights offer a better light output than halogens as well, which is why the LED fixtures are rapidly becoming the choice for upgrades or new building construction.

Higher Efficiency and Less Energy

Keeping the costs of outdoor lighting down in a home or a business is always a priority. Another advantage of LED lighting for the exterior of the home or commercial building is the decreased energy drain to operate the lights.

With the lower cost of operation, it is easier to install fixtures in all necessary locations without having to be concerned about managing electrical bills.

Longer Lamp Life

A big challenge with traditional types of incandescent bulbs or other lamp options on the market is the relatively short lamp life they offer. While the LED bulbs may be a higher initial price, they last substantially longer than other bulb types, easily paying for themselves over their 30,000 to 50,000-hour life cycle.

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