What Does A Personal Injury Attorney in Charleston SC Do?

People are injured every day, even a minor cut while shaving technically is an injury, but certainly not of the magnitude that would cause you to sue the razor manufacturer. On the other end of the spectrum, there are injuries which are caused through the negligence of others that can change a person’s life and when this happens, the individual who has suffered personal injury attorney in Charleston SC will be well advised to hire a lawyer who deals in the area of the law.

Negligence occurs whenever an individual or an entity fails to either personally perform or allows a hindrance to remain, that causes injury to others. There are different types of negligence, an example of direct negligence is reckless driving, an example of indirect negligence is when the manager of a supermarket fails to have a spill cleaned up in the aisle and someone slips. When you hire an injury attorney it is his or her task to gather information from whatever sources available in an attempt to determine fault and to sue this individual or entity for damages.

It may be easier to understand the task of an attorney who is brought in when there has been a personal injury attorney in Charleston SC if we site a fictitious example. Assume an individual is in a grocery store, he walks down an aisle, trips and falls, breaking his leg. The cause of the trip was a loose piece of floor tile. The individual is taken to the hospital, spends some time in traction and then sent home to recover over time. As the injured party is of the opinion that the store and its manager were remiss in their responsibilities, he decides to contact an attorney and determine the legal options available.

The attorney will investigate the accident, visit the site and talk with people who may have witnessed the fall; he will also review any CCTV files and take photos of the site where the fall occurred. The attorney will discuss the possibility of a cash settlement with the store which will cover all expenses, including lost wages or the attorney will file a law suit in court naming the store, the owners, the manager and perhaps the manufacturer of the faulty tile as defendants. For more information visit Phipps Law Firm.