What Is Important In An Excavator Drill Attachment?

For large construction projects, demolition, road building, municipal work or for private developments, having equipment that can handle the job is essential to getting the work done on time and without complications.

Many small to large sized drilling companies, having one or more excavators to handle the heavy-duty work is a must. While these are effective machines, they can become even more versatile by having the right attachments. One of the components to consider adding to your inventory is an excavator drill attachment.

Not all excavator drill attachment models are designed equally and offer the same rugged dependability, long life cycle and low maintenance requirements. Before considering any drill attachment for your excavator be sure to check into the company and the reputation of the equipment they sell.

Custom Made

A good option to consider for any type of drill attachment is the benefit of a custom made component. This allows you to select everything from the drifter or head that will come with the drill to the specific type of centralizer and controls that will be provided with the system.

With the use of custom made drills, there is also easy installation when the drill arrives. It will be configured for your specific excavator so no need to for modifications or adjustments. Some companies even include installation on-site for the drill attachment as part of their pricing.

Reputation of the Equipment and Company

An often overlooked factor to consider is the reputation of the company manufacturing and selling the excavator drill attachment. Just because a brand is recognized doesn’t mean it has a good reputation in the field. Take the time to review what other operators are saying about the durability, reliability and upkeep requirements on any drill attachment before making a final selection.

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