Why Use a Brass Fire Hose Nozzle?

Many fittings for water systems are made from a special metal alloy known as brass. In fact, important components like the brass fire hose nozzle have been a staple of many fire departments for many years. But why is this metal one of the main choices for nozzles and why has it withstood the test of time? Let’s take a closer look at this alloy and see.

What is Brass?

When you blend copper with zinc, you get a metal that has properties of both materials. In fact, by varying the amounts of zinc and copper, you can provide different properties. Some brasses also have manganese, silicon, aluminum, and other elements blended into them.

Zinc copper alloys have been around for thousands of years. Some artifacts uncovered from ancient China are believed to be seven thousand years old. By raising the amount of zinc to more than twelve percent, they created materials the color of gold. In fact, in ancient Greece, brass was called golden copper. It was considered rare and almost as important as gold.


Zinc copper alloys are perfect for making brass fire hose nozzle parts because they’re resistant to rust and corrosion. This is important for any water system component because water causes many kinds of metal to rust and mineral deposits in the water can lead to corrosion. Here are more benefits to consider.


Alloys made from copper and zinc are very strong and durable. In fact, if you check out a brass fire hose nozzle from many years ago, you’ll see almost no signs of wear and tear. When you need plumbing components for heavy-duty usage, brass is one of the best choices.

More Benefits

Because of its malleability, brass can be formed into many shapes. It’s also resistant to heat, and this is important for any kind of firefighting equipment.

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