What Makes Oysters So Good? An Mt. Pleasant Seafood Expert Explains

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Food & Beverages

Who loves oysters?” Ask the question, and watch just about everybody in the room raise their hand. A seafood star on any menu, oysters are always a treat. Fresh oysters from Charleston, SC are a particular treat. Dressed up or down, they rock. What makes them so good? A local expert on seafood restaurants in Mt Pleasant explains.

Why Charleston, SC Oysters Are Scrumptious

All animals and agricultural products boast flavors reflecting their diet and their terroir. The latter entails a unique assortment of factors, such as location, water quality, and access to healthy food.

The warm, sunlit waters off of coastal South Carolina are situated perfectly and sufficiently rich in nutrients and food. They contribute directly to the growth of local seafood, imparting unique nutrients and depth of flavor to the products at the market.

Oysters have impressive nutritional profiles: protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Oysters are famously high in D-aspartic acid, too, an amino acid believed to positively affect testosterone production.

How to Cook Oysters

Nothing’s better than a heap of fresh oysters from Charleston, SC, especially when they’re a fresh catch from a Mt. Pleasant seafood market. They lend a hint of meatiness and brine to specialty dishes, like fried oysters.

You can also grill them, bake them in casseroles, stew them (in gumbo), or steam them. Oysters are delicious additions to a good old-fashioned Lowcountry boil. It’s quite common to eat them raw as well.

Seafood restaurants in Mt Pleasant serve whole raw oysters and oysters on the half-shell. You can also buy them fresh for shucking and enjoying at home. Visit Mount Pleasant Seafood at MtPleasantSeafood.com for more info.

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