What Opportunities Are Provided By A Dental Implant Center in Westbury, NY?

In New York, dentists address the issue of tooth loss. When a patient loses teeth due to periodontal disease, effective strategies are needed to replace the teeth. For some patients, dentures are the clearest solution. However, patients who want a more permanent replacement should consider dental implants. A Dental Implant Center in Westbury NY could provide these patients with these installations today.

A Better Alternative to Dentures

Dental implants are a better alternative to dentures. They allow the dentist to install a titanium root into the jawbone. An abutment and crown are used for the tooth replacement. These installations are more natural-looking than dentures. They also eliminate embarrassing occurrences that happen with dentures such as the devices slipping out of the patient’s mouth.

Replacing Individual Teeth

A dental implant provides dentists with the ability to replace individual teeth. These devices don’t require them to disturb surrounding teeth or perform modifications to allow them to blend in with natural teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth. The dentist can install just one dental implant to replace one missing tooth without major difficulties or more complex procedures.

Corrective Option for Severely-Damaged Teeth

Severely damaged teeth may present patients with no other solution other than an extraction. These teeth are damaged beyond repair and may cause the patient severe discomfort or pain. After the tooth is extracted, the dentist can install an implant directly into the tooth socket. This provides the most secure option for the installation.

Regaining Teeth After the Effects of Periodontal Disease

The periodontal disease could lead to the loss of all natural teeth. The disease causes the gums to recede from the teeth and cause unwanted pockets. These pockets could provide room for bacterial growth in the mouth. By replacing the teeth with dental implants, the patient acquires more benefits than with any other device.

In New York, patients acquire dental implants to replace one or many teeth. These devices allow for a more natural-looking smile. They also provide the patient with the opportunity to regain the ability to speak and chew properly. Dental patients who wish to acquire these devices should schedule an appointment through a dental implant center in Westbury NY today.

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