Enjoy a Beautiful Smile and Functional Teeth With Dental Implants in Keizer OR

There are many ways to improve a smile such as dental whitening or bonding and shaping. However, once the teeth have to be extracted or they are missing for whatever reason, the only workable solutions are the use of dental appliances such as bridges or dental implants in Keizer OR. Bridges are generally used when two or more teeth are missing, but regular bridges need to be anchored to the surrounding teeth and this can result in damage to them. Anchors tend to wear down the enamel, which could cause cavities and even more tooth loss.

Implants are a better solution in many cases because the replacements are sturdy. The process begins by placing an inert material, typically titanium, into the jawbone. This implant functions as an artificial root that can anchor the remainder of the prosthesis. The selected device will depend on whether the replacement is for a single tooth or multiple teeth. Replacing an individual tooth will continue once the wound from inserting the anchor has healed. This typically takes six weeks or longer to ensure the anchor is solid. The next step is placing the abutment. The abutment is a metal piece that connects to the anchor and provides a place to secure the crown. The final step in individual dental implants in Keizer OR is placement of the crown. Most crowns are made from porcelain, however, the possibility of using zirconium exists. This may be the better solution for some people because zirconium provides a very realistic appearance and is extremely durable. It is a bit expensive when compared to porcelain.

Dental implants may also be used to anchor a prosthesis such as bridges or dentures. Anchoring a bridge can prevent unnecessary movement and may even reduce the chance of damage to the device. Damage can occur when the bridge moves during chewing and gets caught between hard pieces of food. Dental appliances are much softer than teeth and excessive force can cause them to crack or break. Using an implant to anchor a bridge or denture requires exacting measurements because the device needs to fit in place easily without being loose. This is done by creating molds of the jaw during the process. The dental appliance will be created using these molds and is a very intricate procedure. Contact Riverfront Dental LLC to discover how dental implants can provide an improved quality of life.

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