What Steps are Involved in Gunite Pool Maintenance in Long Island NY?

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Swimming Pools

A gunite pool is one that has a foundation of concrete and a liner of plaster. These pools have been the most common type of inground swimming pool over the last fifty years. Although there are other options, such as fiberglass, many homeowners have found a gunite pool offers them less maintenance which equals to less wasted time. Many pool owners make the wise choice to hire the professionals for their Gunite Pool Maintenance in Long Island NY. These maintenance services can be scheduled each season so owners can rest assured their pool is safe and prepared for a summer of fun.

Gunite pools are covered in a plaster finish that must be maintained to ensure it stays in good shape. The typical method of keeping the finish clean is through an acid wash process that removes dirt and grime. These plaster finishes will need to be resurfaced every ten to twelve years, or more often if they begin to become damaged. Resurfacing helps to prevent leaks and keeps a pool functioning as it should.

Gunite pools will need to have their skimmers, jets, and drains cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the pool filters are operating properly. These elements of the pool go through a lot of work each day because they turn over the entire water in a pool within four hours of operation. It is important they are checked each season and cleaned so there are no operational issues.

If a pool is heated, the heater will need to be checked each year because calcium deposits can build up and cause problems. If the heater tubes become clogged with minerals, normal operation will be halted. If the heater is a few years old, it may be time to consider a replacement. A pool specialist will be able to determine this need.

If you are a pool owner in need of gunite pool maintenance in Long Island NY, it is important you seek the professionals for your maintenance needs. To schedule a service maintenance appointment, Contact us right away. It is imperative homeowners ensure their pool is properly maintained so they can avoid damage or an unsafe environment.

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