An Accident Injury Attorney in St. Joseph, MO Can Get You The Largest Settlement Possible

An accident that leaves someone with debilitating injuries, large medical bills, or the inability to work, should contact an Accident Injury Attorney in St. Joseph, MO. Settling for less than a victim deserves can result in financial ruin now and in the future. An attorney will protect their client’s legal rights and immediately begin representation against the negligent party and the insurance company. A victim needs to understand that an insurance company is not their friend and is not there to do what’s right. Their main goal is to limit the amount of money they have to pay on a claim when someone’s been injured.

The inability to work after an accident can be devastating to the victim as well as family members that rely on their income. An insurance company will call an accident victim within a day or two of the accident and begin asking questions to start building their case against the victim. Let an accident injury attorney in St. Joseph, MO answer those questions for you. They will know what questions are important and what questions are only being asked to determine if a victim will settle quickly due to financial hardship. An attorney will never advise their client to settle for anything less than they deserve for their injuries.

If injuries from an accident result in death, an attorney will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the insurance company to obtain the compensation surviving family members deserve. An attorney understands this is a difficult time and won’t let the insurance company hassle their client into settling a claim while they’re grieving. Permanent injuries such as a broken bone, disfigurement, the loss of a limb or permanent scarring can result in a much higher settlement than a few bumps or bruises. Permanent injuries can prohibit and individual from returning to their previous employment and result in a large amount of medical bills that need to be paid.

Don’t give up your rights to lost wages, property damage, payment of medical bills, pain, and suffering compensation or anything else that is available when you’ve been injured. For more information, please feel free to schedule an appointment with a reputable accident attorney.

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