What To Consider When Choosing A Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

In many different industries, including in food and beverage production, as well as in some types of chemical processing, there is the need to have a fully sanitary system. This means that the system meets specific material and design specifications to allow for complete cleaning and to reduce the risk of bacteria from forming within the system.

A sanitary centrifugal pump is a critical part of these systems. It is the key component in regulating the flow of the material through the system. In addition to just controlling the flow and volume, the pump is also used to meter the solution from a liquid to a slurry or even a colloid.

The Basics

All sanitary centrifugal pump models operate on the same general principles. They are designed to use centrifugal force to create the movement of the impeller on the shaft to push the material through the outlet of the pump. By operating with different speeds for the impellers, more or less velocity can be generated for a high degree of control over the speed of the material through the system.

What to Look For in a Pump

When choosing a sanitary centrifugal pump, it is important to use a pump manufacturer with a solid reputation. These pumps are designed to handle a very wide range of low to high pressures and the more demanding the application, the more critical it will be to choose the a durable, reliable and proven pump.

Look for pumps that offer the widest possible flowrate control either through the discharge valve settings of a variable frequency drive is within the parameters of the flow rate required for the application. While durable and reliable these pumps should not be operated outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations for the longest life cycle.

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