What To Consider When Outsourcing Electronic Manufacturing Services

Original Equipment Manufacturers working in the medical device, aerospace, telecommunications, energy and technology sectors typically turn to specialized electronic manufacturing services for engineering solutions, microelectronics, PCBA, and CCA development and manufacturing as well as for wiring solutions. In some applications, box and systems manufacturing may also be required.

By outsourcing this work to electronic manufacturing services, the OEM can save money, time and the need to manage complex operations and maintain precise quality control over electronic production and assembly services.

Hiring the right electronic contract manufacturer (CM) is a critical decision. While there may be differences in the services offered by different contract manufacturers, it is important to address the basics of the services offered to get the right fit for the production needs.

Concept to Production Capacity

Not all electronic manufacturers offer engineering services as part of the offering. By using a company with this ability to work with your in-house design team, it is possible to lower the cost of production and speed up turnaround time from concept through prototyping and production.

As the time to market is a major factor to consider, working with an experienced CM at any stage in the design process is a definite advantage.


Moving from prototyping through to production is another consideration when selecting the best fit for electronic manufacturing services. Some services are geared for only small-scale production while others may require very large minimum orders.

Understanding the ability of the electronic CM to move your business from prototyping to production is critical. The addition of value-added services, such as custom wiring and assembly is also important. These additional services can help to reduce time and cost by tightening up the supply chain and limiting the number of companies involved in the production.

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