What To Discuss With A Contractor About A Kitchen Remodel In Gig Harbor, WA

In Washington, homeowners choose to renovate kitchen designs most often. The living space is where the homeowner spends several hours each day or night preparing meals. For this reason, the space requires advanced functionality and style. A local contractor can provide suggestions for a Kitchen Remodel in Gig Harbor Wa for owners.

Designing the Work Triangle

The work triangle is the point in which all lines of the kitchen design meet. The kitchen design flows into a triangle that includes the sink, the stovetop, and the refrigerator. When increasing the functionality of the living space, the contractor adds features within the triangle to make the kitchen more convenient for the homeowner. The layout must provide precise lines flowing through the triangle to help the owner complete tasks faster.

Designing a Lighting Concept

When addressing lighting, the contractor reviews all areas where light is needed the most. The lighting concept must provide adequate light to these spaces. First, the stovetop must have centralized lighting to make it easier to cook. Next, lighting must flow throughout the kitchen and offer adequate light to see inside cabinets and the oven. If the room is an eat-in kitchen, lighting must be provided for the dining area, too.

Strategic Placement for Seating

The kitchen design must accommodate a family and provide enough space for seating. If the kitchen is an area where families communicate while cooking, the seating must be arranged in a way that won’t block traffic and allow the cook to access all areas required for meal preparation. It must also allow guests to sit comfortably without having to relocate frequently.

Upgrading All Appliances

A new kitchen design requires appliance upgrades. Homeowners who want to get the full value of a renovation must choose new appliances that are fully functional and covered by a warranty. The contractor can assist with locating high-quality appliances without exceeding the budget.

In Washington, homeowners who are reviewing kitchen designs could get more bang out of their buck by following the right guidelines. Establishing a work triangle keeps the room functional and won’t present difficulties during meal preparation. Lighting concepts must provide centralized lighting for all spaces where it is needed the most. Homeowners who want to learn more about a Kitchen Remodel in Gig Harbor Wa can contact a contractor right now.

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