What to Do After Calling for Plumbing Services in Reno

The water heater failed and now the basement is flooding. After contacting one of the plumbing services in Reno, the homeowner has several tasks to complete while help is on the way. Here are some tips on what to do to contain the situation and make it easier for the plumber to resolve the problem.

Kill the Water Supply

Somewhere in the house there is a valve that will shut off the water supply to the damaged water heater. With a little luck, that valve is located somewhere near the basement stairs. Locate the valve and close it as quickly as possible. Doing so stops the flow of water into the basement and makes it possible to start cleaning things up.

Drain the Basement

If the homeowner happens to have a sump pump, crank it up and start pumping the excess water out of the basement. Getting the water out of the way will make it all the easier for the team from one of the plumbing services in the Reno to get right to work on the origin of the problem. Even if there is not a pump on hand, using a bucket to scoop water out of the basement will make it all the easier for the plumbing team to get rid of the rest once they arrive.

Dig Out the Drop Cloths

Rest assured that the plumber will need to be in and out of the house during the repair process. Rather than worry about dirt and mud being tracked into the house, grab those old painting drop cloths from the garage and create a path from the front door to the basement steps. Once the problem is resolved and the plumber leaves, it will be easy enough to launder the cloths and put them away for future use.

Remember that Plumbing Services can handle all sorts of tasks ranging from faucet leaks to major breakdowns. When a problem occurs, do not hesitate to call for help. Doing so will help minimize the damage to the home and make the process and the expense associated with repairs much easier to handle.

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