A good wiring harness can make the difference between a product that sells and one that sits on shelves. Some companies cut corners on their wiring harnesses and later wonder why their designs never made it past the prototype stage. When you are investing in a new OEM product, you need to consider all of the details including the optimal custom wiring harness for your needs.

Custom wiring harnesses should be specially sized for your design, manufactured with the right materials for the project, and priced within to your budget. When you look into your options for custom wiring harnesses, you will undoubtedly come across a number of contract manufacturers vying for your business. Some contract manufacturers mean well, but are too new or inexperienced to provide you with optimal custom wiring harnesses. Other companies do not specialize in custom wiring harnesses, are overpriced, or unwilling to be flexible in terms of design or materials costs.

Most companies in almost every sector will look for a reputable contract manufacturer who they can build a relationship with over the course of time it takes to realize your design. Companies like Assembly Solutions have provided custom wiring harnesses for a number of different business sectors including the military, biotechnology, and the agricultural industries. The types of wiring harness configurations include those used in heavy duty or specialized equipment as well as consumer goods and electronics.

Wiring harnesses are a relatively small detail that many designers believe to be insignificant. Do not make the mistake that some companies make by skimping on good wiring harnesses. The quality and safety of your product depend on well-made but cost-effective custom wiring harnesses. Your choices of custom wiring harnesses can make a huge difference in the functionality of the product, its longevity, and its safety.