What To Expect From An Accident Law Firm In Lancaster After A Trucking Accident

In Pennsylvania, commercial truck accidents require more steps to manage than typical car accidents. The primary reason for the extra steps is that the trucks are federally regulated. For this reason, the state must identify the exact cause of the accident. The following are what to expect from an accident law firm in Lancaster after these accidents.

Do All Trucking Accidents Require an Investigation?

Yes, these accidents require a proper investigation to examine any possible causes. They include exhausted driving, DUI, faulty equipment, and improper mechanical repairs. The state must find the exact cause to identify what party is accountable. This is necessary to assist the victim in filing a claim correctly. The findings present an exact account of the accident along with the cause and the probable defendant in the lawsuit.

What Does the Federal Motor Carrier Administration Have to Do With the Accident?

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration manages federal regulations associated with commercial trucks. They enforce these regulations including those that apply to driving allowances. All commercial truck drivers must take at least an eight-hour resting period between all twelve-hour shifts. This lowers the risk of exhausted driving and reduces the probability of an accident. The driver must maintain logs of their travels including the speedometer readings for these trips.

Who is Ultimately at Fault in These Accidents?

If the commercial driver is at fault, the company that owns the truck is ultimately at fault. This doesn’t mean that all blame falls on them if other circumstances apply. However, it is their responsibility to use safe auto parts and enforce compliance for all repairs and servicing.

How are Victims Compensated?

It depends on their injuries. If they can recover from the injuries completely, they will receive the cost of medical expenses and property repairs. If the injury leads to time away from work, they also receive lost wages. However, it is a permanent condition that leads to a disability; the trucking company may provide them with lifelong benefits.

In Pennsylvania, commercial trucking companies must follow all regulations outlined by federal laws. They must repair the trucks to lower liabilities. They must also monitor their drivers for compliance. Victims of related accidents who need an accident law firm in Lancaster contact Handler Henning & Rosenberg LLP now.

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