What to Know About a Brush Cutter for a Mini Excavator

If you are clearing land, you can get a brush cutter for a mini excavator from a company such as Torrent Mulchers. This attachment will help you remove the land faster; it is powerful and lightweight. The mini excavator brush attachment is light enough for almost any excavator and strong enough to handle the most challenging jobs.

Brush Cutter

The fixed-tooth brush cutter for a mini excavator comes in two sizes: 28” and 30”. It is designed to handle anything from curing grass to removing trees, and it can attach to just about any carrier.

You can use a land clearing mini excavator attachment for many projects, including retention pond mowing, highway, roadside mowing, and whole tree removal or stump grinding. It is also helpful in building lot maintenance, and it is highly efficient. These attachments are fast-cutting, rotatable, lightweight, durable, and commercial grade.

Choosing the Right Mulcher

It is essential to choose a suitable brush cutter for a mini excavator. The best companies are committed to quality assurance and ensure the attachment matches your machines. They keep you informed throughout the process so that you are informed. The 28” attachment has a rotational speed of 3500 RPM and requires a 30 Hp or 22.6 Kw minimum excavator. The 30” attachment requires 50 Hp or 37 Kw, and it rotates at the same speed. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.