What You Should Know About the Laws for Personal Injury in Walker, MN

If a person is hurt through no fault of their own, they are likely to sustain what would be called a personal injury. Personal injuries fall under a type of law called ‘tort law’, and the injured person can sue the other party to be awarded damages due to the injury. A law firm that practices personal injury in Walker, MN helps clients who have suffered any type of personal injury. Potential clients should know a few facts about personal injury in Minnesota, and presented here are some.

Facts About Personal Injury Law in Minnesota

The first thing a client should keep in mind is the statute of limitations regarding personal injury in Minnesota because when the time limit runs out, things change unfavorably for the client. In Minnesota, the time limit is two years from the date of the accident and injury, and if the client fails to meet that deadline, they will lose any opportunity for the case to be heard. The chance to be awarded damages will also be gone, which is not good for the client.

More Facts About Personal Injury Law in Minnesota

The client should also understand that the other party can attempt to prove that they are partly responsible for the injury and accident. This is called ‘modified comparative negligence rule’, and it means that if the client is found 50% or more at fault, they will collect nothing in the way of damages from the accident and injury. If the client’s share of fault is under 50%, the percentage they are at fault will be deducted from the damages awarded.

A Law Firm Available for Personal Injury

Borden, Steinbauer, Krueger, & Knudson are lawyers who have been providing personal injury legal services for clients in the Walker, Minnesota area for more than four decades. In addition to personal injury law, they also practice divorce, mediation, real estate, estate planning and business law. Anyone looking for attorneys who practice the law concerning personal injury in Walker, MN, can contact these lawyers. Read more about us at Website Domain.

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