When a Real Estate Purchase Hinges on the Work of a Heating Contractor in Baltimore MD

The prospect of selling or buying a house can raise questions about an older furnace. Homeowners who plan to sell may wonder whether they should replace a very old furnace before putting the house on the market. Buyers may fret about whether to take on the added expense of furnace replacement when they find a house they like. A Heating Contractor in Baltimore MD will have technicians available for the project, no matter who schedules the work.

A Combination Project

If the house does not have a central air conditioner, a Heating Contractor in Baltimore MD can install this equipment when replacing the old furnace. It’s less expensive to have both projects completed during the same appointment since this avoids two service calls with the additional labor charge. A real estate seller may not be inclined to get new central air installed, even if deciding to replace the furnace. A buyer of a house with old heating equipment can factor a new furnace and air conditioner into the purchase price, perhaps making an offer reflecting these costs.

Getting Quotes

The prospective buyers must find out how much the new installation will cost in order to make a realistic offer on the property. Quotes are provided by contractors such as Saffer Plumbing & Heating. The contractor can provide a quote for the furnace replacement only as well as the combination installation.

If this is the first time the buyers are purchasing real estate, they’ll probably need to get some education regarding replacement of heating systems and the installation of new central air units. They probably didn’t expect the need to deal with this type of situation so soon, but if they love the house, they likely are willing to buy it.

Distinct Advantages

Of course, there are distinct advantages to moving into a house with a brand new furnace. Even though the buyers had to pay for furnace replacement, they’ll know they won’t need new installation again for a very long time. They’ll reap energy savings they would not otherwise have enjoyed. The new system will likely be quieter too. Visit Safferplumbing.com for information on one particular contractor.

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