When Should You Consider Seeing A Disability Attorney?

Knowing that the greatest majority of initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied, some attorneys prefer their clients to apply independently and contact them once they are denied. Other attorneys prefer to be involved in the claim a soon as possible. It is suggested that those who are about to apply for benefits first consult with an attorney for advice. In cases where an attorney is involved from the outset there is a better chance of being approved which can save a considerable amount of time for the applicant.

The fees that a disability attorney in Marryville can charge is set by law, they are limited to 25 percent of the back payments you are granted up to a maximum of $6,000. If you are applying for SSI, back payments are dated to the month after you applied, for SSDI back payments can go back as far as five months after you became disabled. The attorney works on contingency, this simply means that you are only assessed legal fees should your attorney win your case. For the applicant this arrangement is quite beneficial; you can access skilled legal assistance and not be burdened with up-front legal fees and it motivates the attorney to fight hard to see you are approved.

There is little doubt that those who apply for Social Security disability benefits with a lawyer are more apt to win their case than an applicant who goes it alone. The laws, rules and regulations that govern Social Security are very complex; rarely would a layperson fully understand them. Not only are the laws complex, they tend to change frequently. A lawyer is intimate with the Social Security “blue book” which is a list of all the disabilities that qualify as well as what medical evidence you need to get from your primary care physician to show to the Administration that you qualify.

If your application is denied, and most are, your lawyer will arrange for an appeal hearing. Your disability attorney in Marryville will prepare a detailed brief, arguing that you are truly disabled in accordance with their own definition. Perhaps even more important than the brief is the fact that your attorney will be with you during the hearing. During the hearing your attorney is given the opportunity to cross examine the Administrations vocational and medical experts, something which would be next to impossible for a layperson.

A seasoned disability attorney in Marryville will give you the best chance at getting the disability benefits you deserve. To discuss your situation in detail you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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