Tips for Traveling With Kids

Thinking about an eight-hour car ride with two screaming children in the backseat can give anyone anxiety. They tend to get bored being stationary for too long, as kids are wont to do; repeatedly asking how much longer or letting you know just how bored they are. There are a few ways to combat these issues to make it a more pleasant experience for you and your kids. Here are a few of them to help you on your way.

Prepare Them Beforehand

Children tend to forget that you are going on a trip five months from now. Periodically remind them about it and what that entails so that they can get used to the idea of being in the car for a while. Encourage your kids to ask you questions to comfort any anxiety they might associate with the trip.


Kids are never fun to be around when they are getting hungry. They want the food quicker than you can get it and let you know again and again. Traveling by car gives you an easy place to pack a bunch of snacks and a cooler for drinks to keep the children happy.


Typically, you should limit the amount of screen time your children have, but in this instance it is about keeping them occupied and content. You are going to be spending an extended period of time with them. This is as good a reason as any to bring a tablet or DVD player to let them enjoy their favorite shows or games.

Another form of entertainment is to play car games together. There are travel size board games that the whole family, minus the driver of course, can play. Also, trying to find things along the road or license plates is a great way to interact without spending too much time on their phones.

Of course, they will still find a way to get exasperated about their sibling touching them, or having to stop to pee numerous times. At least if you have a fuel efficient car, like a Passat TDI Diesel, you won’t need to stop for gas as many times, if at all. That should help considerably in the amount of time spent on the road. As long as you keep the trip in the forefront of their minds prior to the trip, spend as much time as you can interact with them, and bring enough snacks to fill them up, you should have as cheerful a ride as you possibly can with two kids in the backseat.

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