Where To Vape In Meridian MS?

Vaping is a modern term applied to people who inhale vaporized liquids from devices generically referred to as electronic cigarettes. For most; the vapor that they are inhaling contains nicotine and they use their e-cigs and juices as substitutes for the smoking of tobacco products.

Is This Safer Than Smoking Tobacco?
Although the roots of vaping can be traced back to a Chinese invention in 2003; it is still a relatively new phenomenon in a medical sense. This means that it has not been around long enough for sufficient data to have been collected regarding any long term side effects the practice may have on both vapors and bystanders exposed to the vapor.

However, one thing is certain; when tobacco is burnt in order for the smoker to obtain a “hit” of nicotine; the smoke contains a plethora of other chemicals and solid particles – some of which have been definitely identified as possible carcinogens. These can affect both the inhaler and others that come into contact with the exhaled smoke.

A more controlled mix of chemicals goes into the liquid (known as juice) that gets vaporized to transport the nicotine and other flavors to the vapor. There are certainly no solid particles in the vapor (which rapidly condenses after being exhaled) and many people believe that (so long as the nicotine content is kept to acceptable limits) there are little or no side effects on vapors or others in the immediate vicinity. It is interesting to note that the Chinese inventor behind vaping was seeking to wean people away from tobacco smoking with an aim to reducing the number of deaths from lung cancer.

A Somewhat Uncertain And Confused Situation
Currently there are no restrictions on the sale or possession of electronic cigarettes and similar devices (although some are convinced that minors should not have access to them). On the other hand, airlines prohibit vaping on board their planes and the majority of public places where smoking is banned by law have extended their ban to include vaping.

Vaping Shops And Lounges
However, this ban is by no means as comprehensive as the tobacco smoking bans. While run of the mill pubs, bars and restaurants may choose not to allow vaping as a courtesy to their mainstream customers; specialist shops selling the vaping hardware and juices are opening lounges where vapers can congregate and enjoy their habit in company and conducive surroundings – often complete with refreshments and even entertainment.

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