Why Should You Be Considering Constantia Properties?

Widely recognised as one of South Africa’s most prestigious suburbs, this beautiful residential area’s burgeoning reputation is well deserved. Situated just a stone’s throw away from both Cape Town’s city centre and Rondebosch’s reputable school district, this suburb affords its residents the conventional convenience that one looks for in a property as well as numerous other perks.

The Lure of Constantia

The properties in Constantia are some of South Africa’s oldest and most beautiful and, it’s only natural that Jawitz Properties, South Africa’s premier real estate company is actively involved in marketing the sizable properties in this established suburb.

So what exactly should excite you about Constantia’s properties aside from the aforementioned convenience? Firstly, the culture within the area.

Constantia is home to the oldest wine route in South Africa and, every year, fellow South Africans flock from far and wide to experience this region’s renowned wine and idyllic atmosphere. In fact, such is the popularity of this wine route that there are now tours of the area offered on a year round basis. However, the region’s popularity amongst tourists does nothing to intrude on the privacy of Constantia’s residents, with the suburb still considered exceptionally tranquil when compared to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding areas.

When one considers Constantia, it is not only the region’s wine that springs to mind, as, dotted in amongst the centuries old wine farms and scenic views reside some of South Africa’s best and most famous restaurants. Chief among the area’s numerous institutes of fine dining is the Buitenverwachting Restaurant, which was recently named in the top 50 restaurants in the world.

The pristine wilderness stretching through and around the suburb of Constantia adds to its charm. In truth, this is perhaps something of an understatement, with the region having its very own nature reserve while, to put the thorn amongst the unique Cape flora, it also borders the famous and undeniably beautiful Kirstenbosch gardens. Importantly, it is exceptionally easy for Constantia’s residents to make use of this rare haven of nature, with the area home to many of the country’s most scenic hiking trails.

Whether you are looking for a causal Sunday stroll or regard yourself as a more serious outdoors person, Constantia will undoubtedly have you covered. Home to and within close proximity of several highly regarded golf courses, even if your golf isn’t up to scratch, the fantastic views and general scenery should more than make up for it.

The abundance of nature plays a secondary role in ensuring the privacy of Constantia’s residents, with great expanses of rolling lawns, shrubbery and trees separating properties within the suburb.

Constantia is essentially the Western Cape’s very own haven of paradise where property owners are given the chance to drink, dine and make merry at their discretion, all while afforded close access to both Cape Town’s booming business district and some of South Africa’s most prestigious schools.

The Cost of Constantia

Given the unprecedented perks of the area, Constantia properties, unsurprisingly, come at quite a considerable cost. Of the properties listed for sale through Jawitz Properties, the prices range from R13 million to an eye-watering R38 million. Although the average price of a Constantia property is just north of R20 million, you really do get what you pay for, as each and every home offered by Jawitz Properties offers elegance, refined luxury and an old-world charm.

Buying a home in Constantia is more a culmination of a dream than the result of a conventional property hunt, more likely than not being the just reward for a lifetime of hard work. Given the inevitable prestige that comes from counting yourself among its residents, getting one’s hands on one of the suburb’s hugely in demand properties often comes down to your choice of real estate company to guide you through the process.

With a hand-picked portfolio of properties in and around Constantia and the passion, professionalism and personalised service that are the foundation of the Jawitz Properties promise, you can rest assured that our commitment is in helping you to achieve your dream of owning a home in this prized suburb.

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