Who Benefits from Repair Shop Software?

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Software Company

Many automotive shops wonder if repair shop software is right for them. While most people see it as a necessity, those who have never used it or owned it before may wonder why it’s so popular and important. The good news is that such a program can benefit everyone involved, including the other employees and customers.


As the owner, you have to wear many hats to ensure that the work goes smoothly. You may not deal directly with customers, but their satisfaction is a significant concern for you because if they aren’t happy, they won’t return.

You also have to keep the employees happy, and no one is going to be satisfied if they have to deal with written instructions, delays in processing/payment, and other issues.


The technicians need to know what the customer wants/needs quickly so that they can determine how long it takes to do the work. They can also use it to determine which vehicles need to be in the bay first and can work quickly and proficiently because they don’t have to go back and forth to get the information.


The administrative staff can also benefit from repair shop software because everything is filed digitally instead of in a filing cabinet. They can get new customer information stored faster and can pull up anyone’s information with just a few clicks. If customers call in to find out when they last had maintenance, the administrative assistant can quickly look the information up and report back.

They can also generate reports, either for the customer or you. Along with such, they can track inventory and reorder products much faster.


The customer can benefit from your program because they don’t have to deal with handwritten information or an extended check-in/check-out process.

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