When it comes to a home inspection, Wichita KS residents often ask why it is necessary. A home inspection is an opportunity to learn as much as possible about a home from its current structure. In every situation, a homeowner or a home buyer should consider the value that this inspection has to offer. Home inspections are not about placing a value on the home, but rather learning about the property’s safety and current condition. That’s valuable insight for many reasons.

What Does a Home Inspection Answer?

The key to a reliable home inspection Wichita KS home buyers need to know is that it answers all of the unspoken or unanswered questions a home buyer has about a property. There are various questions it can answer. For example, it looks at all major systems within the home including the heating, cooling, ventilation, roofing, and foundation. If there are concerns here, they could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Home inspections also look for threats against the property. Is the foundation at risk because the ground around it is sloped towards it? Is there a risk of mold or mildew present? What about the risk of pests that could infiltration the home? All of these concerns are very important to home buyers.

During a home inspection, Wichita KS home buyers (and sometimes homeowners) will learn about key areas that need attention. Do the appliances need to be replaced due to a gas leak? Is there a concern about the structural integrity of the patio or deck? Having these answers can offer peace of mind to anyone buying a home. And, for those using a federally backed loan, such as an FHA or VA loan, this type of testing is nearly always required. Having it just makes sense.