Why and How to Routinely Maintain Your HVAC System in Mount Pleasant, SC

One of the most essential components in residential properties is an HVAC system. This system provides comfort for you and your family and is the type of system that offers critical support during the hot summer months and frigid winter season. For these reasons, it is essential to perform routine maintenance to help ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Common Signs That Indicate It Is Time to Replace or Repair Certain Components

Many telltale signs of HVAC wear and tear often present during the most inconvenient times, leaving you searching for DIY solutions. Poor airflow, strange noises, and insufficient cooling or heating are some of the top issues of an inadequately maintained system. Replacing the air filters is the first step to prevent some of these issues. You should also check your system for dust and other debris that can cause damage to the system.

Thermostat Issues and Frequent Cycling

If the system and air filters are spick and span, and you are still experiencing cooling or heating issues, then you should inspect the thermostat. An unresponsive thermostat (which does not respond to adjustments) could mean that some components require replacement. Short cycling is another HVAC system issue and might be the culprit for higher energy bills.

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