Why Attorneys in Fort Benning, GA Are Needed After an Arrest

When a person has been arrested, it might seem like an open and shut case. For example, the person might have been pulled over and arrested after the officer found drugs in the vehicle. Since the officer found evidence for the arrest, the person might not feel like they need a lawyer since it seems like they’ll be found guilty anyways. However, this is when they’ll need attorneys in Fort Benning, GA the most.

The law is not just what most people think of. It’s also made up of case law. This makes it incredibly complicated but also means there previous cases that can be looked at to determine if something is legal or not. While the possession of drugs is illegal, the lawyer can look through laws and case law to determine if everything the officer did was correct and what could happen if it’s discovered that something was done incorrectly. This could have a significant impact on the person’s case.

Using the same example, the lawyer might look at the case and see the officer didn’t have probable cause or permission to look inside the vehicle. If this is true, they may be able to argue that the evidence was collected illegally and, therefore, cannot be used as evidence against their client. The judge could then dismiss the case based on lack of evidence, which means the person no longer faces the drug possession charges against them and is free to go. This is an outcome that wouldn’t have had a chance of happening if the person didn’t hire a lawyer.

Attorneys in Fort Benning, GA have a good idea of what the laws in the area are and what can and can’t be done to stop a person, gather evidence, and arrest them. It’s always recommended that a person who has been arrested contact an attorney to see if something like the above example could help their case. While all charges are not able to be dropped, the lawyer can help them figure out a way to get a better outcome for the case. Click here to learn more or contact a lawyer today.

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