Why Choose Aluminum T Slot Framing?

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Aluminum Supplier

If you are thinking of building a metal framing system, you can use steel pipe or extruded bar. You also have the option of going with aluminum t slot products. Here are some good things to know about easy to use aluminum tee profiles for your project.

What Are Tee Slots?

Imagine an extruded aluminum square bar. Each side of the bar has a special slot which is cut into it during the process of extrusion. This slot is considerably larger inside than outside. In fact, the entire slot is in the form of a “t” shape and can be seen from the side profile. Why make such a groove in each side of the bar? The answer is simple. The shape helps to hold things put into the slots or grooves, in place.

Tee shaped bars can be used to make a wide range of frames and structures. Here are some of the many benefits they have to offer:


Sturdy aluminum t slot products are very strong. In fact, they will not warp of bend easily. In addition, unlike wood, plastic or fiberglass, there is no need to worry about common stress fractures which can sometimes happen with cheaply made industrial or commercial framing.


When it comes to weight to strength ratio, aluminum alloy is very hard to beat. It is extremely strong for its weight and this is why you will see it commonly used in many kinds of aircraft and aerospace applications. Frames need to be very strong. They often serve as support structures and aluminum is an excellent choice.


It is not difficult to machine some kinds of aluminum alloys. In fact, with the right equipment it can be machined to a high tolerance and this is sometimes important for some kinds of frames. When you choose a trusted provider of aluminum t slot products you can receive custom cutting and machining according to your needs.


Few materials are as strong and sturdy as steel when it comes to frames. However, steel has an Achilles heel and it is called “oxidation”. When steel is exposed to oxygen and moisture it forms rust and over time rust will deteriorate and weaken a structure.

On the other hand, aluminum is highly resistant to rust. In fact, it is often used in many kinds of marine applications because it resists moisture and the high salt environment of ocean going vessels. Your aluminum framing can see a great deal of use outdoors in the elements and will hold up very well.

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