Why Getting a Master’s Degree in Architecture Is Important for Your Career

If you want to have a career in architecture, there are some very important steps that need to be taken beforehand. One of these is not only finishing your regular bachelor’s degree but receiving your interior architecture master’s degree. There are several reasons why this is so important.

Becoming Licensed

If you want to become a professional architect, you need to become licensed. The only way to do that is to earn your master’s degree in architecture. There are only master’s degrees in the field of architecture that is recognized by the NCARB, and one of them must be held to be able to work as an architect.

Increased Salary

It is hardly a secret that a higher degree in your profession leads to a higher salary. This is just as true in architecture as anywhere else. In fact, the average salary difference for architects with a master’s degree versus those with a bachelor’s degree is over $10,000.

Teaching Position

For some, the love of architecture leads them to want to teach it to others. However, you will not be able to teach at the university level if you do not possess a master’s degree.

Constant Evolution

After you receive your interior architecture master’s degree, there is no resting on your laurels. You will have a wide range of projects at your disposal from which to pick and choose.

If you are interested in receiving your master’s degree in architecture, please contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Your future awaits.