Why Give Jade Corporate Crystal Awards?

Corporate crystal awards can be very impressive. However, it depends on how they are made and personalized. Plus, when you decide on jade crystal you are using a material with an interesting history rich with legends and many good things. Yes, Jade can be a powerful and attractive gift, especially when it is received in appreciation for a job well done. Let’s look at the history and meaning of jade to show you just why it should be considered for awards ceremonies and company events.

What is Jade?

Jade can be one of two stones created over millions of years of pressure, heat and changes. Nephrite jade is commonly used to make fine corporate crystal awards and it has a green hue which is provided by its iron ore content. This stone has been highly prized for thousands of years, for its appearance and aesthetic properties.

History of Jade

Jade was used as far back as the Stone Age by pre-historic man. Due to its toughness, it could be fashioned into tools or weapons. However, because of its beauty it was also used for ornamental creations like jewelry, and became the focus of rituals. Jade is found all over the earth and has been appreciated everywhere for a very long time.

Uses for Jade

The Aztecs and Mayans believed jade possessed the power to heal the body. In fact, the name jade means “pain in the side” in Spanish and it was coined by the Spanish invaders because they noticed the natives pressing jade stones against their sides to relieve pain.

Jade has been popular in Asia since the beginning of recorded time. In fact, it was often placed in wells to please the water spirits so there would be a plentiful supply of fresh water.

Many civilizations believed jade had the power to bring good luck and prosperity, and today it is still associated with these prized qualities. This may be one of the reasons it is commonly used in quality corporate crystal awards.

The Calming Power of Jade

If you look at an image of jade or hold it in your hand you may notice a sense of “calm”. Jade has this effect on many people who come in contact with it. Also, because of its healing properties, it is often taken along on trips to avoid illness associated with travel.

There are many reasons to give jade as a gift or an award. It has a rich history and many believe it possesses special powers. However, the best reason to give jade corporate crystal awards is because of their beauty and aesthetics.

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