Best Benefits of Yoga for You

Looking for a way to improve your general fitness as well get your blood moving and your heart pumping as your calories burn? Yoga is an excellent way to make all that happen. Here are some of the best benefits you can enjoy with different training classes such as those that could be found at American Power Yoga which is now part of the SunstoneFIT family. Our Power Yoga class is directly inspired from the American Power Yoga teachings of founder Kurt Johnsen.


Yoga does a lot to increase your body’s suppleness and flexibility. Greater flexibility allows you to move around much easier. You also don’t put as much strain on your body when you turn, twist, or exert pressure on your joints. Being flexible keeps the injuries or muscle soreness to a minimum.

Muscle Strength

Flowing from one pose to another helps you strengthen your muscles as well as ligaments. If you always find yourself stumbling, have weak knees, or lack arm strength, this physical activity gives you endless opportunities to improve on those weaknesses.


Exercises of any kind boost your circulation, which, in turn, improves your breathing. It also keeps your skin healthy, giving you a rosy complexion. Good circulation is also ideal for maintaining your body’s general health.

Inner Calm

Yoga teaches you how to calm yourself. It’s a philosophy that teaches you how to calm your mind so you aren’t easily undone by distractions. It also improves your focus and concentration skills.

Lower Stress Levels

It’s a great stress management technique. If you have a stressful, demanding job, that could be one of the reasons why you have a ton of health issues and problems. The best way to eliminate all that and start fresh, with a clean, healthy slate, is to deal with your existing conditions. By doing yoga, you don’t just learn how to cope with or manage stress. You also find a more effective way to live with stressful conditions without these conditions affecting your mood or health.

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