Why Hire an Experienced Industrial Asphalt Paving Contractor?

The primary difference between residential and Industrial Asphalt Paving is the scale of the projects being completed. That doesn’t mean it’s not important for industrial property owners to hire a contractor who has experience with industrial paving, though. Read on to find out why.

Choosing the Right Thickness

While the materials, techniques, and procedures required to repave an industrial surface are largely the same as those used in residential jobs, it is important to note that there are variations in asphalt thickness that must be taken into account depending on how large the project is.

When the pavement is unnecessarily thick, property owners waste money on materials they don’t need. When it’s too thin, it won’t hold up to the test of time. Industrial Asphalt Paving contractors are far more likely to be able to choose the perfect thickness to save their clients money on large-scale projects without jeopardizing their surfaces’ integrity.

Timely Completion

Not every asphalt contractor or company has the equipment and manpower to complete an industrial scale job in a timely manner. It requires cleaning and grading the site, preparing the current asphalt if it will not be removed, and spreading new asphalt using a truck and paving crew. Smaller companies that focus exclusively on residential paving often don’t have enough employees to complete larger jobs within a reasonable time frame.

Availability of Additional Services

The majority of residential and even commercial asphalt paving contractors specialize exclusively in asphalt. Industrial contractors, on the other hand, often offer concrete paving as well, which can be helpful if their clients also have surfaces that would be better paved using concrete. There’s just no reason to hire one company to pave an asphalt lot and another to pave a concrete parking structure when the same company could be doing both.

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