Why Hiring a Chapter 7 Attorney in Cornelius NC is Important

There are many reasons people find them falling into a debt trap that seems inescapable. In case you were unlucky enough to have made an investment that turned sour or are just having a hard time financially for some other reason, there is the possibility of using legal means to get debt relief. When you successfully file for bankruptcy, you will have a chance of saving personal assets from getting lost to creditor’s auctions. You will also get credit counseling classes and stand a chance of reorganizing yourself and getting a financial fresh start. However, to achieve success, you will need to hire a chapter 7 attorney in Cornelius NC.

The process of filing for chapter 7

The first step in the process of filing includes getting the right forms from the appropriate authorities. You will also be needed to fill out these forms. The information that will be needed from you include:

1. You will have to list all your assets and all your liabilities.
2. You will have to list all your creditors and the amount of money that you owe them.
3. You will have to give a full statement of your income generating activities, which will be used to determine whether your income is indeed insufficient in paying for the debts that you owe.

These are just a few of the details that will be needed from you. The importance of getting a lawyer during this part of the process is that they will help you avoid inconsistencies that could get your petition rejected. Note that there are people that try to use the bankruptcy clause as a way to defraud the government and business partners. As such, the authorities are very keen on any inconsistencies in the application process.

With the help of a Chapter 7 Attorney in Cornelius NC, you will also be able to fulfill requirements such as making sure that you are present for the confirmation hearings and signing up with all the appropriate debt counseling sessions. Chapter 7 Attorney at Lake Law Office PLLC are some of the most competent lawyers to assist with this process in Cornelius. Visit the Lake Law Office PLLC or reach them on their website at. and get a financial fresh start.