Working With Tacoma, WA, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Online Business

Despite the best efforts of a couple or of an individual in Tacoma, WA, situations in life can create financial difficulties. The loss of a job, a serious health issue, accidents, divorce or other factors can cause challenges to paying bills, covering the mortgage and keeping up to date on loans, credit cards and other expenses.

The most common mistake that is made by these individuals is to assume they can correct or fix the issue on their own. In reality, the best step is to contact an attorney specializing in bankruptcy.

Many people will find they need the services of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. This is often referred to as straight or liquidation bankruptcy. It provides the opportunity to have the assets sold to pay off creditors and eliminate the debt. This is seen as an ideal option to get a fresh start.


The first task of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will be to determine if the individual or the couple qualifies for this bankruptcy option. In general, to qualify for Chapter 7 the household must have an income that is lower than the average similar household in the Tacoma, WA, area.

Additionally, with the assistance of the lawyer, the court will also need to see a budget. This includes all of your income and all of the expenses and debts. It is critical to be completely open and honest with the Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney as failure to do so can prevent you from filing bankruptcy.

For most individuals or couples filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the process will be completed in about four months or less. You will be required to appear before the bankruptcy court at the Meeting of Creditors. Your attorney will prepare you for the meeting, which allows the bankruptcy trustee to determine the assets that will be sold to repay the creditors and discharge your bankruptcy.

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