How Can You Stop A Leaky Basement In Boston MA?

If you are wondering how you can stop a leaky basement in Boston MA, making a call to an experienced waterproofing company is the first place to start. You can receive upfront pricing, a lifetime transferable warranty, a dry basement, and improvement of the structural integrity of your home. Stopping a leak in the basement will require repair of cracks and elimination of the cause of the water pressure against the floor and walls of a basement.

Exterior Drainage Solutions

Water problems in a basement can easily be caused by a water problem from a gutter, downspout, or poor excavation of the yard. Underground downspout extensions will guide water away from the foundation. The guide will connect to the downspout into an underground four-inch PVC pipe and discharge to another location that is away from the basement.

Foundation Crack Repair

Sealing a crack in a foundation or floor needs to be completed by an experienced waterproofing company. Flexible resins can effectively penetrate cracks, pores, and capillary cracks to stop leaks and fix the damaged concrete. Flexible resin will not crack or pull apart because of thermal cycles or foundation shifts.

A flexible resin is very effective in stopping all types of water leaks in concrete, steel, and masonry. When the resin is pressure-injected into a crack, it will create a permanent watertight custom-fit seal.

What Is Cause The Leak?

Leaks in a basement are caused by hydrostatic pressure pushing against the foundation. Water that cannot reach the drains around the footer of the home on the outside will begin to cause damage to the walls or floor. In order to stop a Leaky Basement in Boston MA, an owner need an interior French drain system.

A small portion of the basement floor will be removed and filled with stone and PVC perforated pipes. These pipes are pitched and connected to a sump pump and pit system that is capable of removing the water from the basement. The floor will be covered with concrete and the water issue will be resolved.

If you are tired of living in the damp and foul-smelling basement, now is the time to have it repaired before it gets any worse. Contact us and learn more about all of the services that are available.

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