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Women’s health care has come a long way. Today women are taking control of their health issues which makes the relationship and communication much better for both the physician and the patient. Women are taking responsibility for success is improving general well-being as well as better health in general.

Obstetrics And Gynecology in Live Oak FL offer both gynecological services such as comprehensive care for reproductive health. Proper care for the whole woman including a general state of sexual well being along with preventive practices for cancer pre-screening is primary. Along with reproductive health, Obstetrics And Gynecology in Live Oak FL specialize in the well being socially and matters issues that are related to the reproductive system.

Gynecologists are physicians who specialize in women’s medical issues. Part of specializing in women’s health is recognizing medically warning signs as women don’t respond the same way men do for many of the same health issues, such as heart attack. Women are more likely to die following a heart attack as they don’t recognize the symptoms. Also, women show feelings of depression more than men do. Sexually transmitted diseases are more serious in women than in men.


The obstetrician specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. An obstetrician will:

  • Monitor the health and well-being of a developing baby in utero.
  • Conduct routine ultrasounds
  • Examine the mother and baby for certain conductions that could cause a probelm, such as high blood pressure
  • Advise helpful remedies to deal with morning sickness or back pain
  • Educate the mother in labor and delivery processes

It is not necessary to see an obstetrician to deliver a baby. However, obstetricians are specially trained to understand the overall health issues connected to pregnancy and developing babies. In addition to taking care of the mother, Obstetrics And Gynecology in Live Oak FL will offer follow-up care such as Pap tests and other women’s health issues and continue with women’s health care. The Ob-Gyn plays a major role in the life of a woman such as birth control, cancer screening and menopause. Other health issues that can arise are pelvic infections, urinary tract infections, and pelvic organ problems.

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