Your Questions About Breast Augmentation Answered

A lot of women are not satisfied with their bodies. They often feel that parts of their bodies did not settle in the right places – like a little too much on the hips, and not enough on the bum. Surgical remedies for these insecurities or unsatisfactory features are becoming a quick and minimally invasive way of helping you look the way you want. If you are feeling a little lacking in what God gave you on your chest, breast augmentation in Chicago maybe exactly what you are looking for.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enlarges or restores volume of the breasts. This is attained by either inserting artificial implants into the breasts, or by conducting a fat transfer from another part of your body and using it as the plumping material. The procedure is suitable for women who have lost breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss, or who are undergoing reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.

Who Can Do It?

A skilled, plastic surgeon that is board-certified can conduct the procedure. Finding a qualified and trustworthy doctor is key to the procedure’s success. A reputable reference or a good portfolio and trail of work are great pieces of evidence that your surgeon will do a good job.

How Much Can It Cost?

Breast augmentation can cost around $4000. There are many factors that calculate into this fee: anesthesia, medical tests, hospital facility costs, prescriptions for medication, and the surgeon’s fee. However, this fee is not set and can change depending on your surgeon. For instance, the fee can depend on how experienced your doctor is at the procedure. If your procedure is for reasons that are not cosmetic, then your health insurance may cover the costs as well.

What Types Of Breast Implants Are There?

There are several types of breast implants that you could get:

* Saline implants are exactly as they sound: filled with saline (salt water) solution. If the implant ruptures, the saline solution will be safely absorbed into your body’s system.
* Silicone implants are made of a silicone gel, and feels more closely to a natural breast. These types of implants require frequent checkups with your surgeon to make sure they are well maintained.
* Textured implants are designed to have scar tissue fix to the implant. This prevents them from moving around.
* Round implants are the same shape all around – a sphere. This design is less noticeable if the implant shifts or rotates. They also give breasts a fuller look compared to other implant types.

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