Your Questions Answered About Implant Dentistry Services In Bethesda MD

If you have several missing teeth and you’re looking at options to replace the teeth that are gone, you should consider dental implants. This dental procedure is a permanent solution for individuals who have multiple teeth that are missing. Before scheduling a consultation with a dentist who specializes in Implant Dentistry Pasadena CA, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are the advantages of dental implants over partial dentures for replacing missing teeth?

A.) Patients who have missing teeth have a few options and these include partial dentures and dental implants. Partial dentures attach to the natural teeth and this mouth appliance is removable. Patients who have partial dentures have to remove them from their mouth to clean them. If partial dentures are dropped, they may easily break if they land on a hard surface. Once they’re secured into the jawbone, dental implants are permanent. Individuals clean the implants as they’re brushing their teeth and they don’t require any special care. Dental implants will normally last a lifetime and they’ll never have to be replaced.

Q.) What types of materials are used to make a dental implant?

A.) The portion of the implant that’s placed down into the jawbone is made out of titanium. This part of the implant resembles a metal screw and it’s hidden deep inside the jaw. The portion of the implant that looks like a tooth is called a crown and this part of the implant is often made out of porcelain or ceramic. The crown will be the same color as the patient’s natural teeth.

Q.) Are patient’s in pain during a dental implant procedure?

A.) When a dentist who specializes in Implant Dentistry Services in Bethesda MD places the implants into the jawbone, the patient won’t feel any pain. The patient’s mouth will be numb during the entire procedure. After the numbing medication wears off, the patient may have soreness in the gums for a few days.

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