Carrying another person inside you for nine months isn’t easy for everyone. Some mothers seem to glow throughout the nine-month stretch. You feel like an elephant waiting to burst.

If you feel overwhelmed and worried, you’re not a lot. A lot of first-time mommies and daddies feel the same. Here are expert tips on how to make this experience better for you.

Eat right

Know what food is healthy and nourishing for you. The best way you can take care of yourself, and your unborn child is to eat a healthy diet for the entire nine months. Eat food that’s rich in calcium and protein as well as iron, folic acid, and vitamin C.


You don’t need to get back to your vigorous exercise routine. A light walk or some yoga can do a lot to improve your blood flow. You can do twenty to thirty minutes of exercise per day. Exercise releases happy hormones in your system, improving your mood. It can also make your labor easier when the time comes, Romper says.

Attend a class

Look for pregnancy classes you can attend. Reading books are all well and good. But sometimes, they can fail to address specific concerns or issues you may have. Taking a class can provide you with all the information you need. The best thing about classes is that you get to meet up with other expectant parents who are as excited as you to go through this experience.

Time it right

Start looking for pregnancy classes early on. But don’t join one in your first trimester. The ideal time is during your second trimester or maybe even during the first month of your last trimester. Leaving it to the last month may not leave you with enough time. If your delivery date is early, you could miss out on the classes and on essential lessons on how to prepare for the birth and baby.