Foundation problems don’t come out of the blue. Most times, you’ll see plenty of indications along the way. Read the list below and familiarize yourself with the following signs so you’ll know when to call pros for Foundation repair.

Are there interior cracks?

Thin cracks may be nothing more than a cosmetic issue. The cracks in your interior walls could indicate foundation and leveling problems. If you’re already having a tough time opening and closing your windows and doors because of the cracks, then it’s time to look for contractors who offer Foundation repair services Northern Virginia.

Are there exterior cracks?

If your exterior walls have stress cracks, then that’s another sign that the clay soils under your home could be exerting pressure on the foundation of the house. The movement is not uniform, though, which explains why the cracks appear on only some parts of your home or walls. While patching up the cracks can temporarily conceal them, that’s not going to address the problem. Look for contractors in Northern Virginia to help you determine the extent of the damage. By getting a pro like company name early on, you can find out sooner what your options are.

Is your house split in half?

Be on the lookout for any signs of cracks in your interior walls that make it seem like your house has been split in half. This may be because the clay soils under your house’s foundation may have shrunk and as a result, lost contact with the foundation. With nothing to support the front and back parts of the outer foundation perimeter, a collapse of the concrete slab was inevitable. If this happens to be your problem, don’t waste any more time. Get help right away.

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