Making Precision Machines For You In Minneapolis

The process of putting together your concept of a machine that fits your needs has steps of its own. Your thinking has to cover all the different aspects of this machine before you actually have it built by someone like us, a machine shop in Minneapolis area.

It starts with forming the ideas in your mind and getting it into the paper. Writing down the problem and how this machine should solve this is your first step. Getting the details is very important.

As you’re thinking through, consider the possible mechanisms it may have to have and for what purpose. Should it have a certain gear size or shaft length to carry out its function?

Then you’d want to think of the forces involved in its role? Getting a general idea is all you need on your own because the details will come when you sit with a professional machinist who can give you a more precise detail of what you want.

As we’re talking about forces with machines, there will be a need to discuss the stresses on the machine and the necessary strength it’ll have to have.

Consider the dimension of this machine and its parts, before you have it drawn on paper.

After the very first step of conceptualization, it is encouraged you go through the rest with a professional machinist for a more realistic idea of your machine.