Get Back on the Road with DPF Filters in Garden Grove, CA

When your business depends on the efficient operation of diesel engines, you’d be wise to get in touch with the professionals who specialize in DPF filter cleaning, a service that can restore the efficiency of your trucks with minimal downtime. Normal road driving and the stop-and-go activity in urban settings lead to plugged filters and an accumulation of ash that keeps your vehicles from operating as they should.

Fuel Efficiency

This is the ultimate goal of anyone using engine-driven equipment, especially for companies that depend on diesel trucks. With one phone call you can have a “partner” in DPF Medic that will help you reduce or eliminate inefficient operation, wet-fouling, overuse of fuel, and insufficient air supply to the engine. With the use of a manual cleaning system that allows the technician to focus on filter cells requiring thorough cleaning, you get smoother operation and a longer filter life.

The best thing about DPF filters in Garden Grove, CA, is that it’s available close to you at a very reasonable price. Advanced technology means better cleaning, and if a thermal cleaning is needed, a well-designed regeneration oven is used to protect the filter from over-baking.

Levels of Service

Call on these specialists for a unique mobile service that reduces downtime, one of the most important factors in making your business a success. You can arrange different levels of service with Level 1 of DPF filters service addressing issues with the standard truck filter, as well as undersized and oversized filters. When you call to talk to a representative, be sure to ask about this or the Level 2 service for all three filter types.

Avoid the major problems the average trucking company has with diesel particulate filter cleaning. DPF filters services brings this outstanding service to you. You’ll be back on the road, bringing in revenue in no time.

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