3 Signs Your Child Needs to Go See a Kids Dentist Right Away

Oral health is important for all ages, as a lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to serious health issues throughout the entire body. Regular dental care is essential to ensuring that your child has good dental health. As you’re in between check-ups, you may benefit from getting your child’s teeth examined to ensure everything is in line. Here are three signs your child needs to go see a kid’s dentist right away.

  1. Loose or Wiggly Teeth

As children grow and develop, their baby teeth will begin to fall out so that adult teeth can begin to grow and develop. This process can begin as early as six years old and usually stops at around twelve years of age. As the new teeth grow in, it’s important that your child is careful and avoids accidentally causing trauma to them. If this happens and you notice any loose or wiggly teeth, make a trip to a kids dentist in Naperville right away.

  1. Oral Pain

If your child is experiencing pain in their gums or teeth, make your way to a kid’s dentist in Naperville right away. Pain is usually one of the first signs your child will communicate to let you know something isn’t right. A thorough examination by a professional can be an easy solution. In most cases, children will communicate that their gums hurt after their teeth. Irritated or painful gums can point to things like gingivitis. See a professional to be sure.

  1. Extreme Sensitivity to Cold or Heat

If your child is eating ice cream or hot food or beverage like hot chocolate and complains of their teeth hurting or feeling too sensitive to eat those foods, this may be a sign of a cavity developing. Have a professional examine everything to get a better idea of what is going on.

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