3 Ways to Make Your Elopement Feel More Like a Wedding

The ending is perhaps the biggest similarity shared between elopement and wedding ceremonies. Two significant others start as an engaged couple but eventually walk away from those ceremonies as married spouses. Perhaps timing, money or a combination of the two are shifting you towards eloping instead of planning a big and lavish wedding day. Here are 3 ways to make that elopement feel a lot more like an actual wedding.

Write Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows allows you to add a personal touch to an otherwise formal, “cookie cutter” ceremony. Instead of jumping right into the formalities of exchanging rings and saying, “I do,” original vows give you a chance to express your intimate and genuine feelings for each other – adding a tailor-made touch to your elopement. Whether you writing poetry, a love letter or just the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your future spouse, it would still add a nice dose of romantic ambiance to the memorable event.

Invite Your Close Friends & Family Members

The concept of running off and getting eloped has been glorified in Hollywood for years. However, the reality of an elopement ceremony is slightly different – especially when it comes to having your loved ones in attendance. There is nothing wrong with inviting your family members and closest friends to witness the establishment of your marriage. Whether you are in a hospital chapel or in at judge’s chamber for a Justice of the Peace wedding, you can still have a limited number of loved ones behind you ready to cheer for and support your new bond.

Trust in Your Elopement Officiant

Do not rush when it comes to choosing the elopement officiant. Hire someone that will be able to play into your “perfect” ceremony – making the desired connection with the way he or she handles the ceremony from start to finish. You can even find a minister or ceremony officiant with experience in elopements, so you do not have to have a Justice of the Peace wedding where there is little to no meaningful words spoken but just a boring script that doesn’t have feeling.

Remember, just because you are having just a “Simple I Do” doesn’t mean that it can’t be special. Hiring a professional officiant, inviting close family and friends as well as incorporating personal vows will result in memorable ceremony that you and your spouse will remember forever!

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