Top Three Tips for Beach Weddings

A marriage ceremony on the beach is a dream come true for many brides and grooms, but the practicalities of it are often forgotten about. Failure to take all things into consideration results in incoming tides, rude onlookers ruining photos, and sand everywhere. There are also additional legal considerations to make. You can still have the beach wedding of your dreams by following these tips:

1. Find a Legal Officiator

The Fun Times Guide says that any location outside of a church or religious site has different requirements for officiators, especially in locations such as beaches which are usually public property. Holding religious ceremonies outside of the religious site may also have some restrictions. Make sure to find legal beach wedding ministers for your denomination in good time before the ceremony, or use a beach wedding service who can arrange a minister for you.

2. Accessibility

A Practical Wedding says that one of the main downsides of beach ceremonies is that they aren’t always accessible to those who are disabled or have mobility issues. Parking near the beach may be an issue too. Before you choose a spot, check if parking is available and whether everyone on your guest list will find the site accessible.

3. Legal Requirements

As well as beach wedding ministers, there may be other legal considerations for a ceremony on public property. This includes closing off an area of the beach, parking, and consumption of alcohol. Double check with the local government and get all the permits and permission you need beforehand. It may be worth alerting the local police as they may be able to help you out and keep the public clear of your venue.

There may be legal and practical matters to work around, but by educating yourself, getting the right legal permits, and making preparations in good time, your dream beach wedding can still go off without a hitch.

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